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Best practices in choosing and using a mark: use your mark as an adjective, never as a noun.

On your website, and in all your marketing and promotional materials, you should never use your mark as a noun, but only as an adjective.

Best practices in choosing and using a mark.

Don't choose a mark that is confusingly similar to another mark. Trademark law is generally protective of "prior users" of a mark. When you file for a federal trademark registration the USPTO Examiner will determine whether your mark (taking into consideration the goods and/or services for which it is used) is close enough to a prior registered mark that would be likely to confuse consumers. If so, the Examiner will refuse registration.

Considering drafting and filing your own patent application without help from an attorney or agent?

You should know that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) strongly advises against it.