Patent Services

We offer the following patent services:

  • Prior art searches and patentability opinions
  • Drafting, filing, and prosecution of U.S. patent applications before the USPTO
    • Including provisional, non-provisional (utility), design, and plant patent applications
  • Negotiation and drafting of patent-related licenses, assignments, nondisclosure agreements, and other contracts
  • Preparation and filing of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications and applications in foreign countries through the Paris Convention
  • Foreign patent prosecution in all countries through selection and management of foreign patent counsel
  • Patent infringement, non-infringement, and invalidity opinions
  • Pre-litigation counsel and enforcement/defense measures related to patent infringement, including opinions of likelihood of success in an infringement suit, communication with opposing party to increase likelihood of early stage settlement, and the like
  • Design-around opinions
  • Other consulting and general assistance related to patent matters