IPTech Insights™ Service

The IPTech Insights™ Report contains recommended Examiner statistics to determine whether to interview an examiner as well as key statistics and recommendations regarding whether oral advocacy (via interview) or written advocacy (via appeal) is the best fit for the examiner handling your case. This data is taken from LexisNexis IP’s PatentAdvisor® product with modifications and the benefit of years of experience in data analysis and interaction with examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Each report reflects a data set drawn from the examiner’s entire prosecuting history at the USPTO.

To Obtain Examiner-Level Reports

For $89 each, you can obtain as many (or as few) examiner-level reports with the associated recommendations information.

To request a report, please enter the information below and indicate that you have read the disclaimer that establishes that by requesting a report, you are not becoming a client and IPTechLaw is not providing any legal advice to you.

Please view a sample IPTech Insights™ report. You are also welcome to review the IPTech Insights™ report guide for statistical background on interpreting your report.

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