Terms and Conditions

By requesting an IPTech Insights™ Report, you acknowledge that you are providing only your name, your email address, and the needed information to process your credit card payment and no other personal or client-identifying information. You agree and acknowledge that the Report does not constitute legal advice to you (or your client), as it is based only on the statistical information available on an Examiner’s prosecuting history and additional interpretive data that contains recommendations based only on that Examiner’s statistical information. The recommendations do not provide guidance about the specific facts or law associated with any pending patent application and thus you acknowledge and agree that Adam Stephenson LLC (the Firm) is not providing any legal advice specific to you or your client’s legal situation. Should you wish to receive specific legal advice, you acknowledge that you must formally consult with attorneys and agents at the Firm before any attorney/client relationship between you or your client, and the Firm will be created.